All you need to melt glass.


We design, supply, erect and start up the completely equipped furnace Working Ends and Forehearths for the production of all type of glass products as specified above. Techglass offer includes the forehearths of daily capacity of 140 tones of the container glass as well as forehearths for special applications, for example 15 meters long with daily pull 15 to 30 tones of glass.

The bottoms and the superstructure roof covers of the offered forehearths as well as the state of the art combustion and cooling systems are designed to allow for easy glass temperature control in separate forehearth’s zones.

Depending on the requirements the foreherths are equipped with radial or indirect cooling. In the second case special chimney mechanism allows to balance cooling for each side of the foreheart.

The glass conditioning zone of the forehearth is axially split so that combustion system operates in this zone independently for left and right side.

Our offer includes also the forehearths equipped with the mechanism to control their elevation level, which proved to be very useful especially in case of significant glass pull variation.

All the above mentioned solutions enable obtaining thermally very homogenous glass for further processing. This can be easily proven by measuring such parameters as maximum Delta T, Thermal homogeneity index and efficiency.

We supply also forehearths equipped with the unit allowing to make the color glass.

The complete scope of Techglass offers relevant to forehearths includes:





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